The wheel bearings are of fundamental importance to ensure maximum safety when driving, so it is necessary that these parts are always in perfect condition. For this purpose there is a wide range of wheel bearing kits for cars of any brand. Not only the variety of items is important, but also the quality of the same. For this reason, CDC uses for their kit the best bearings available on the market today. In addition, the composition of the kit is always full thanks to the 'forty-year experience gained by the Company.


This particular type of product plays a key role in the engines. Car manufacturers are using more and more complex and tensioner dedicated to maintaining the tension of timing belts and subsidiary bodies. To ensure always the perfect efficiency of the engine it is necessary that the quality of these parts is the best. For this there is a wide range of products for both applications, which covers the entire vehicle fleet. Since 2005 are available for part of the distribution also complete kits belt.


The evolution of the engines, with the increase in power and the development of new technologies in the vehicle led to the introduction in time, by the manufacturers, the products of two closely linked to the lap belt Services: alternator pulleys free wheel and crankshaft torsional vibration dampers. Their proper operation and regular maintenance are essential to ensure the service life of the belt and other components, is therefore constantly changing range of these two families.