The company was founded in 1980 and specializes in the field since the beginning of the bearings. The branches forming the company are two, one dedicated to the industrial sector, the other to the automotive aftermarket. The industrial sector involves the company in the distribution of industrial bearings, with the addition of some internal machining of steel bars and aluminum profiles. The automotive aftermarket is born from the creation of the first wheel bearing kits and spans from the dawn sector tensioner, with the distribution of the earliest references he is already since 1982. The year 1994 represents for the automotive aftermarket the pivotal year of change in the distribution system of the company on the market and lays the foundation of what today is the real CDC CENTRO DISTRIBUZIONE CUSCINETTI S.r.l. Since 1998, the company focuses all resources sull'automotive aftermarket, structuring the research and development of its products, constantly expanding its range of wheel bearing kits and belt tensioner, developing catalogs and ranges constantly and consolidating its sales network in Italy and abroad. Over the years the product families were born and have grown up to the package supplied products today:

- 1981 Bearing wheels
- 1982 Tensioner distribution and auxiliary
- 2001 Overrunning Alternator Pulley
- 2002 Brake discs with integrated bearing
- 2005 Kit distribution tensioner
- 2007 Pulleys crankshaft vibration dampers